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AlienCopter Bee full Carbon KIT with Clean and Dirty System + PDB

Stavebnice uhlíkového rámu + napájecí deska
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Povedený skládací uhlíkový rám pro stavbu quadcoptery

součástí balení je PCB napájecí deska

Uhlikové díly jsou z kvalitního uhlíku, tloušťka uhlíku rámu jsou 2mm, ramena mají 5mm.

Alien Copter have released their premiere FPV frame, the BEE. The first thing that stands out and sets this frame apart from any other in its class is it true 100% real multilayer carbon construction, folding capabilities and vibration isolation system.
The Bee is a 470mm class H frame design that is optimized for FPV flight with a forward platform for HD cams & FPV gear and a rear platform for ample battery and CG adjustment. One of the key features is the Clean-N-Dirty system that uses vibration mounts to isolate the sensitive electronics and cameras from vibration on a rigged upper sub-frame. The lower frame supports the super strong 12 layer 5mm motor arms, that also have quick release thumb screws to allow the arms to fold for portability.

There are lots of FPV H frames on the market and each have their unique features, the Bee incorporates them all in a top level product that is unmatched in construction and strength.


True Multi-layer carbon construction
Clean and dirty vibration isolation system
FPV gear provisions
Folding arms for transportation & storage

Motor: 2208/1000-1200KV; Prop: 9"-10"; ESC 20A
Motor: 2212/920–1200KV; Prop: 9"-10"; ESC 20A
Battery: 2200mah–5200mah
Take Off Weight: <= 1.3kg
Flight Time: 10-18 Min
Frame Weight: 350g (Appr)
Size: 470mm


Bee 470mm Carbon frame Kit


4x 2212~2216 class motors
4x 8~10 inch props
2200~5200mah Battery
Flight controller
4x 30A ESC
5CH radio system
FPV gear (optional)

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